Sunday, August 09, 2009

Checking In

I love summer. Dylan is out of school, Rhonda can often schedule days off, and we've been lucky to enjoy a good number of family outings and activities. But sheesh, it seems like my exercise program and my writing go down the tubes when Dylan is out of school. I guess I just don't juggle the extra activities with exercise and writing so well. My better half would say, "Of course not: you're a man."

Thanks to slow going in getting my medical paperwork to and from the FAA, I was home for the entire month of July. In fact, I was home for five consecutive weeks. It was wonderful to have the extra time at home with Dylan out of school, and Rhonda, Dylan and I topped off my extended stay at home with a fun camping trip at Whiskeytown Lake.

I met a fellow Redding blogger I've been following for a good while. Annie writes the blog Don't Make Me Yell at You, and happens to work in the same office as the Aviation Medical Examiner designated by the FAA for our area. I was tipped off that Annie might work there when she mentioned that she could see the Dairy Queen from her office. So, I shot her a message on Facebook and asked her to say hi if she had a chance. I also asked her not to walk into the exam room while I was in my underwear, since my fragile male ego might be shattered by her laughter. It was great meeting her, and only partly because I was fully clothed.

So that makes six bloggers on my blogroll that I've met or know personally: Annie, Uncle E, Bob Barbanes, Doris, Steve Brewer, and Phil Fountain. At this rate, I should meet everyone on my blogroll by 2050 or so. That should work out fine, since I'm planning to die at the age of ninety-five, when I'll croak from injuries sustained during my second career as a motorcycle daredevil.

After meeting Annie, and getting the little piece of paper from the doctor stating I was medically cleared to fly for another year, I headed for the airport to fly out to Louisiana. I thought I'd be simply finishing my scheduled hitch, and returning home after three days. Alas, that was not to be. The scheduling department asked me to stay to begin training for a position I've applied for with my employer, and that meant nine days away from home instead of three.

Rhonda, Dylan and I went upstairs to the restaurant to have lunch before my departure. I looked at Dylan. Aw hell. We'd made a bunch of plans for when I came home, and I hated to disappoint him.

"I have some bad news, but I have some good news too," I said.

Rhonda sighed. Dylan sighed.

"I have to be away for nine days, not three."

Dylan looked crestfallen. It hurt to look at him.

Dylan: "What's the good news?"

"Well, I'll be getting a little raise out of the deal."

Immediately, he straightened up, and a big smile lit upon his face.

He said, "That news has Nintendo DS written all over it!"

I love that little smartass.