Friday, October 19, 2007

A Victor Wooten Bass Solo

When I got home after my last hitch, Rhonda and Dylan surprised me with a ticket to see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Cascade Theater in Redding. It was a school night, so Dylan didn't go, and since we don't do babysitters, Rhonda stayed home too. I'd been wanting to see those guys live for some time now, so it was a real treat. I was going to post a video by the band, but while searching for one that conveyed their essence on YouTube, I came upon this solo performance of the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood," played by the Flecktones' Victor Wooten on bass. I hope you enjoy it.


Bob Devlin said...

That was absolutely brilliant. Wow! That must have been a good show, they are a great band.

Bob Barbanes said...

Wow! And I thought Jack Bruce was the best bass player. Wooten gets sounds out of that bass that are simply astounding. Someone said that Victor could *drop* his bass and it would still sound brilliant.

Side note: Back when VH-1 was still playing music videos (like, 1990 or so) they were rotating BF&tF's "The Sinister Minister" regularly. Shot in New Orleans, it seemed to encapsulate for this recently-relocated yankee the funkiness that is the Big Easy. But Bela was so young back then! Talk about a unique group. Love their sound. Thanks for sharing the vid, Hal.

David (Whole Lotta Nada blog) is seeing Joe Ely this weekend. I was just complaining to him that we don't get good concerts like that over here. You guys are lucky, dammit. I gotta move to a bigger town.

Redlefty said...

That was incredible.