Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Heliport Wildlife

Heliport, or wildlife refuge? PHI's Morgan City, Louisiana base is a bit of both. For more evidence, read here.

Bald eagles have made quite a comeback in south Louisiana. Flying in and out of our Morgan City heliport, we often see them on the wing. Now and then, I'll see a lone eagle on the ground on our heliport, but fellow PHI pilot Danny Cumbee caught three of them on the back row of helipads.

Danny said he was under the impression that our visiting eagles were a mom and two young. The photo file he shared with me was titled "Training Day." Thanks, Danny.

It appears that the mama eagle is on the left, with her two young on the right.

It appears here that the mom is giving instructions to the kids.

Oh yeah, she's barking orders. If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


debby said...

'If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.'

This is as it should be.

If you don't believe me, ask the mama who lives at YOUR house.

debby said...
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debby said...

Sorry. Not sure how I posted twice.

Hal Johnson said...

Believe me Debby, I don't even have to ask.

Uncle E said...

I'm with Debbie on this one.


I've felt the sharp beak of "Mama Eagle" many many times.

Hal, by the way, my eldest won 1st prize in the RSA Science Fair...and I missed it because our youngest was 'acting up' and I had to take her home!
Thank GOD my wifey-poo is an obsessive shutter-bug, eh?

Roland said...

Those eagles are beautiful! How great to be in a spot with so much exotic wildlife.

I grew up in the middle of civilization. Crows were the most exotic things around. I'm happy to be in a spot where I get to see bluejays, woodpeckers, possums, hawks, brown eagles, turkey vultures, and foxes every few days.

Of course, we have to watch out for the coyotes, snakes, raccoons, and the cougars, but I'll take it.

David said...

How Cool is that?!!!

I sure hope you guys can give them plenty of right of way. For your sake and theirs.

Thanks Hal!

Anonymous said...

I think bald eagles are beautiful!!

A fellow camper at the LA BOW this weekend (from the lower part of the state) had eagle pictures on her camera. We also see them at our rice farm in the AR delta.

Magnificent birds!