Sunday, August 31, 2008

Katrina Again?

I'm in Boothville, Louisiana as I write this, southeast of New Orleans. We're evacuating the base. The smaller helicopters have already departed; the rest of us are staggered on our takeoff times so we won't overwhelm the folks at our refueling stop on the way to Tallahassee: Destin, Florida.

I feel so bad for our local employees, who are looking at losing their homes here AGAIN. Don't worry about me, pray for them. Heck, please pray for everyone living in south Louisiana.

More later--maybe tomorrow--when I get the chance to use a real keyboard again.


Pam said...

I was wondering if you were down there helping to get the workers off the rigs.

Yes, my stomach has knots in it. I can't believe this is happening again.

The entire Gulf coast is in my prayers, esp. the coast of Louisiana.

Stay safe and keep us posted.

Uncle E said...

I will of course pray for the workers, Hal, but for your safe return also.
By the way, Dylan was picking on me at the waterpark yesterday. He made me cry.

Redlefty said...

I've got extended family in LA -- they stayed after Katrina/Rita and their home stayed in one piece but they were without power for about three weeks.

Somehow they're getting another one while we in Houston look to be getting a narrow miss again.

quid said...

They're in my prayers, Hal. Be safe and careful. Say a prayer for Ms. Marion in Pineville.


Debby said...

Uncle e started it. Ask Dylan. He'll tell you, I bet.

Be safe.