Friday, September 12, 2008

Visiting Old Morgan City

Last night, I went to the old waterfront downtown of Morgan City, Louisiana to have dinner at one of my favorite places to eat in town, the Latin Corner. I remembered to take my camera with me this time, to take a couple of shots of the old Dixie Hotel across the road from the Latin Corner.

I'm sure it was built over a hundred years ago, but I don't know anything about its history. How many babies were born there? How many people died there? How many dreams were born there? How many dreams died? How many generations made the place their livelihood? I love old places. I wish they could talk.

It's still boarded up in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav. I saw no signs of life other than the lights.

Here's the Latin Corner from the outside. The building was built in 1911.

It's a simple place, with a warm aura and great food. The owner is from Cuba; his wife is from Venezuela.

It's time to pack up and head for New Orleans airport. It's going to be a rainy, windy drive for seventy miles. I'm hoping Ike won't delay the flights. I'm also hoping that Michael and his family will be okay as Ike advances, as well as the rest of my friends and coworkers in the Houston/Galveston area.


Debby said...

You frequent some neat places. I love old places too.

I hope you get home with no big delays, because you have a couple people on the other end who are pretty anxious to wrap their arms around you, I'm sure. Happy reunion!

Now it's Michael's chance to do his on-the-site-reporting. (Will this weather ever end?)

Redlefty said...

Ha, on-the-site reporting requires a functional wireless network, something we almost surely won't have for a while!

Mary Paddock said...

Great architecture, even after being beaten up by Gustav. I've been following your blog for weeks. 'Glad this is nearing an end for you for now.

Pam said...

Love the photo journal in Morgan City, Hal!

Glad you're home and out of the area. Not looking good in South Texas at this point.

Winds are picking up here.