Monday, December 22, 2008

Bouncing Back

I decided at the end of the workday yesterday to drive to the West Bank area of New Orleans to buy groceries and stuff. It takes a bit over an hour to drive up there from PHI's Boothville, Louisiana base. I spent that hour in one damn sour mood. I always get the blues for a while when the short days of winter impose themselves, and the thought of being away from Rhonda and Dylan come Christmas Day didn't help.

I'd planned to grab a sandwich for dinner before going on to a supermarket, but I instead decided to treat myself to a "real" dinner at an Italian restaurant. I sat down with Chad Waterbury's new book and tried to avoid giving off the aura of a shaved sasquatch with hemorrhoids and a toothache.

Several tables over, four couples sat together. One of them had a baby girl, maybe a year old. Everyone was fawning over the little one, taking turns holding her. She was smiling and giggling and eating up being made to feel so special. It made me smile.

Later, the hostess seated a couple who appeared to be well into their seventies. They sat at a table big enough for six. They chose to sit together, on the same side of the table. They held hands while they waited for their food. It made me smile.

I drove back to Boothville in a much better mood.


Roland said...


Redlefty said...

It's like the circle of life thing, only centered around lasagna!

Annie said...

It must be so tough to be away from your family during the holidays, but I'll bet it will be a wonderful celebration when you return home to them!

Debby said...

The circle of life...lasagna...LOL...sounds just about perfect to me, Redlefty.

Hal - it improved my mood too. Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

I'm still pondering the circle of life and Lasagna...

It makes me sad that you have to be away from your family on Christmas, Hal. :( Wish you were closer to my neck of the woods and you'd be more than welcome to share some Christmas cheer with us.

Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Our family doesn't actually celebrate Christmas on the 25th and I know many others don't, either. can just have Christmas when you, Rhonda & Dylan are together again!

Uncle E said...

Hal you're one of the only people I know that, through your writings and observations, can lift me out of whatever "funk" I'm currently in.
Thanks so much, Merry Christmas to you and your wondeful family and I'll see you soon.
We'll have a post X-Mas Teqate!

Feliz Navidad!


Mike said...

Growing up in New Orleans, I used to watch Santa Claus water-ski in Lake Ponchatrain.

My presents were always damp.

Sorry about your luck, Hal.

Bob said...

Merry Christmas, Hal. I remember your post on PS last about being away from home on Christmas. It will definitely be Christmas when you get home.