Monday, March 30, 2009

Sample Exchanges

A few days ago.

Me: "Dylan, do you ever feel like I still treat you like a little kid?

Dylan: "Yeah Dad, like all the time. Please keep that in mind in the future."

A couple of days ago, while I was reading a magazine.

Dylan: "DAD!"

Me: "Whoa! Is everything okay?"

Dylan: "You tell me. I've been talking to you for the last five minutes and you haven't even noticed. I was wondering if I should call 9-1-1."

This morning, while Dylan was hugging Rhonda goodbye.

Me: "I love the way Dylan's hair has my texture and Mom's color."

Dylan: "Dad, before you can have texture, you have to have hair."

Parenting is so much simpler before they start talking.


Donna said...

LOL!! These are priceless!

Gee, I wonder who Dylan gets his sense of humor from!

Kelly said...

Loved that last one!

Scotty said...


my usual response to hair quips from the kids is this...

God/Buddha/Fate only created a few perfect heads; on the rest, He/She/It put hair.


Mary Paddock said...

I especially like "I was wondering if I should call 911." :)

Pam said...

LOL! How true; how true! Much more simple pre-words!

Today I was subbing for some kids I had subbed with at another school who had grown to really like me. They are special ed kids in the 3rd grade. Their teacher had told them she had a surprise sub for them today.

The little girl walked into the room and ran to throw her arms around me.

"I KNEW it was you! I just knew it!! But, she told us it was someone young and you're old."

I had to laugh out loud!!! The little boy looked horrified and hurried to say I didn't look THAT old...

I told them I was a true fossil.

Another teacher in the room requested an apology and gave them a small cautionary lecture on words that could hurt feelings.

I agree with Donna. Don't think the apple fell far from the paternal tree...

Debby said...

Oh, yeah. Just give him a couple more years. When Cara was a senior in HS, she was helping me take down the Christmas tree. She was giving me a big lecture about how we should get a small artificial tree. I explained that I liked the real deal. She told me that she was afraid that now that my children were grown up, that I'd just quit celebrating Christmas. I peered at her and avowed that I'd always celebrate Christmas. She said, "Well, I worry. You're getting older. The only thing you've got to look forward to is your Denny's discount and death."
"Not so", said I. "I look forward to lots of stuff." And then I gave her a smack on the fanny as I went by. Yeah. I found that I'd really looked forward to that...

Algernon said...

Zing! This kid is another Belasco!

MarionL said...

Too funny and witty (I wonder where he gets THAT from....). I'm glad you write these down. Trust me, you won't remember them later! I laugh so much at my grandkids' witty conversations. Dylan is lucky to have you for a dad....

Bob said...

It only gets better, Hal, when the teenage years kick in. Keep that good sense of humor. You'll need it, I promise you.

P.S. I love Dylan.