Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Day for Linking

Just wanted to share some recent posts from other folks with y'all.

I love Debby's writing, whether she's relating her battle with breast cancer, or hurting her hip while dancing at a wedding.
Life's Funny Like That

My friend and former coworker Bob has a sense of "voice" in his writing that I envy. He's a kind and compassionate guy, but he doesn't really care if you think so. He lives in Florida, but he still has a good bit of the vinegary New Yorker in him. I liked this post because it reveals a bit about the life of a helicopter pilot who lives by the seasons, and how we sometimes don't realize how we've changed until well after the fact.
Helicopter Pilot

Inspiration needn't come from a grand source. It can come from the heart and the guts of a six year-old girl struggling to master the monkey bars. Read Andrew Heffernan's account of his daughter's triumph.
Male Pattern Fitness


Debby said...

Gees. Thanks, Hal.

I enjoyed the other stories too.

Algernon said...

Fun stuff!

Annie said...

I always get my best links from you. You have never steered me wrong.

Debby said...

Come back, Hal! Come baaaaaaaack!

Hal Johnson said...

Debby, I'll be back. Dunno why my writing has dried up lately, but I'll be back. I'm not doing a Mike.

Debby said...

Good. Bob commented that it good to see you pop in over at my place. We miss you.