Monday, May 02, 2011

Fidelity and iPhones

I recently learned via a blog post that a female friend, one of the few blogger buddies I sometimes see in person, keeps her iPhone 4 in her bra while she's at work. On vibrate. I guess calling her while she's working is now out of the question. I'd feel like I was fooling around on my wife.


Funny what you can learn from Sitemeter. I never knew, until a few days ago, that there was an Alamo, California. It’s east of Oakland.


I woke early Saturday morning, so I left while wife and son were sleeping to do some grocery shopping. On the way, I stopped to have breakfast. While I was eating, the song “Sugar Sugar” came over the speakers. That song came out in September 1969, while I was in the eighth grade. Forty-one years later, it still makes me wanna hurl. Yep, it was the #1 hit song in 1969, and the very mention of it provokes a cringe.

I posted something to that effect on Facebook, and Bob Barbanes, a friend, former coworker, and former disk jockey, mentioned the name of the singer: Ron Dante. Turns out that ol’ Ron is still active, even recently appearing with the CBS Orchestra on the David Letterman show. That’s pretty cool.

But I still can’t stand “Sugar Sugar.”


Kelly said...

Our former associate pastor use to carry her cellphone there, too. It always provided a good laugh when her chest would ring.

Bob said...

Not even going to touch (not pun intended) anything associated with placement of the cell phone.

As for "Sugar, Sugar," didn't it make its debut on "The Archies" -- a Saturday morning cartoon based on the Archie comic strip, and in which Archie and friends had a band?

You're right, it was an obnoxious song.

Debby said...

I ruined a cell phone. I used to carry mine in my bra. I was working hard, and sweating hard, and the thing made the strangest noise and I pulled the damp thing out just in time to watch the screen die.

Debby said...

And Sugar Sugar? I had that record. Remember when you used to get records on the back of the Alphabet Cereal box?

Annie said...

Debby, thanks for the warning. And for the record, it is really under the strap, not down in the...oh, never mind.

Hal Johnson said...

Well heck, Annie, that changes things. I wouldn't feel the least bit guilty about vibrating your shoulder.