Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Day

I was walking out to the flight line to preflight yesterday morning with my flying partner this week, Scott, who has the nickname "Catfish." This scene just stopped me cold, and I immediately regretted leaving my camera back at the quarters. I then remembered that my new cell phone had a better camera than the last, and snapped this photo. Sometimes, the light in coastal Louisiana has a magic about it.

Katie, the wife of a former coworker, asked if that was "my" helicopter. It wasn't. A guy named John and a guy named Raj were crewing it.

Here's Raj with one of his "fur kids," as my friend Pam would say. I copied this off his Facebook page, with his okay. Something tells me that Raj and his wife have friends who secretly wish they could die and come back as one of their dogs.

We broke off an approach to an offshore oil platform to see what this waterspout would do. It seemed to be taking a path to the platform, but after we circled for ten minutes or so, it veered away and dissipated.

This was the sky on our flight back to the base, following our "visit" with the waterspout.


Pam said...

Wow!! Love the photos!!

And, yeah, Raj and his furkid look cozy.

There are times I would trade lives with any of my 4 spoiled furkids in a heartbeat.

But, then, I watch 2 of them in the backyard snacking on one of the other's poop...and...well..

not so much! :)

Algernon said...

These are wonderful!

Kelly said...

I wish you posted more often, Hal. I always love your entries.

These photos were definitely worth the wait, though.

Bob said...

Thanks for the great shots. I love seeing things like this, so far outside my world.