Saturday, September 12, 2009

This and That

This morning was a first for me: I went to listen to a writer talk about writing. Steve Brewer ranks among the best known of our Shasta County authors. He's written 16 books, and the first novel of his Bubba Mabry series of crime mystery novels, Lonely Street, was made into a movie, and recently released on DVD. Although he's written for a living since the age of eighteen, Steve's talk focused on how writing a screenplay for the first time prompted him to look at the process of creating fiction with fresh eyes. It was a fun talk; Steve is funny in person as well as in writing.

My online buddy Thom G lost his dad to lung cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with Thom and his family. Thom writes some remarkable "flash fiction." You might check him out here.

My online friend Debby, who has already been through a battle with breast cancer, may have cancer again. My thoughts and prayers are with her, too. She's a remarkable writer and a remarkable lady.

Dylan has been sick with a fever, but he's rebounding now. A couple of mornings ago, when he was still feeling rotten, he sat on my lap while we watched a movie together. It was the first time in a good while that he's done that, and I had to put out a little effort not to get teary. Gosh, time passes, doesn't it? Oh yeah: the sentimentality washing over me was only part of the reason I felt choked up. Also, the circulation to one of my legs was getting cut off. Sheesh, my nine year-old "little boy" weighs 100 pounds now. I'm wondering how much longer I'll have the guts to let him sock me in the body full-force when we do our "sparring."

Sometimes I get a little wistful about Dylan's baby time, and I'll wish I could go back to hold him as an infant again. But, if I had the opportunity to go back in time, I wouldn't take it. I'd miss the little smarty-pants I know now too much.


Pam said...

Dylan's such a cutie! And, my how he's growing! He and my Sam are almost neck in neck, age-wise. They do grow up quickly, it seems.

I'll check out the writer.

Sorry about your friend's loss.

Yes, I'm following Debby closely. She's in my prayers and thoughts in this latest rocky journey.

Kelly said...

Cute pictures! (and I can see "little" Alice in the background!!)

Algernon said...

Part of becoming a papa is getting sentimental!

Bob said...

Great looking guy (Dylan, not you).

The last two weekends I've had jaunts to college football games with my youngest who is almost 17. Priceless, great times. I am pleased and humbled to say it has just gotten better with time.

Debby said...

No matter what age they are, there are things to enjoy about the age that they are.

We have had the great birthday rollover. Brianna is 28, Stacey 27, Mike 24, Dylan 23. How the heck did this happen?!!!!