Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reflecting on a Past Resolution

The New Year's resolution I made and broke this year was the first real resolution I've made in some time.

In fact, the last one I made was about twenty years ago. I know that because it was before Rhonda and I got married.
I realized that I was getting into the unsavory habit of talking about people behind their backs, and it dawned on me I was getting so bad about it that I could have listed backbiting as a hobby.
So, my early-nineties New Year's resolution: "I will not talk about people behind their backs."
Unlike my recent resolution concerning my writing habits, I kept that resolution faithfully, for two months.
After two months, I decided to give up on holding to my resolution. Why? Well, EVERYBODY in the work place started irritating the crap out of me. When someone offered a "good morning," I more often than not wanted to snarl in response. You would have thought I'd given up coffee or something.
So, I went back to talking about people behind their backs, albeit more judiciously. It's an unsavory, low-minded habit, yep.
But in my case, it acts as a relief valve, and makes being civil to assholes more bearable.


quid said...

And we all do it.


Bob said...

You're a funny guy Hal.