Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Nanci Griffith Performance

Back in the late eighties, I went to see John Prine in a solo performance at the Ventura Theater in southern California. A lady by the name of Nanci Griffith opened for him. I'd never heard of her at that point, and neither had my friends. She was utterly captivating, standing up there on the stage with only her guitar for accompaniment. And wow, what a songwriter. This video is from a BBC performance of her "Love at the Five and Dime."


Uncle E said...

There's something very intimate about a solo singer/ songwriter alone on a stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar. One of the reasons that I love John Prine so much.
She's great!

Anonymous said...

I haven't thought about Nanci Griffith in ages!! A friend introduced me to her music back in the 80s and game me a couple of her albums (on cassette). Listening to this clip made me go dig them out. Now to find a cassette player somewhere around the house....

Thanks for jogging my memory!