Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pets and Babies

Algernon posted a short, funny piece to his blog today:

We brought Gabriel home tonight.


Does anybody know how to get a cat off the ceiling?

It made me laugh, and caused me to reminisce about the day we brought Dylan home from the hospital.

It can be quite a transition when a new little human mixes in with the home fray. Rhonda and I had heard some horror stories about little dogs getting jealous of the new baby, so we were wary.

The biggest of our two dogs was largely indifferent, if occasionally curious about the tiny human. The smallest of the two, Gomez, is half Chihuahua and half Miniature Doberman. He was intensely curious about Dylan from the get-go, and as I came to find out, quite protective.

I learned about Gomez's protective nature while burping Dylan one morning. Gomez watched, looking very concerned. Worried, really. Soon, he started whining. "Gomez, I'm not hurting him." Gomez wasn't buying it. Soon, he started with a chortled yelping. "Gomez, I'm not hurting him." Gomez wasn't buying it. He started growling. "Gomez, I'm NOT HURTING HIM." Gomez wasn't buying it. He started pulling on my pajama leg with his teeth. I decided to ignore Gomez until I got the desired response from Dylan. When I gave Dylan back to Rhonda, I looked down to discover that Gomez had chewed a hole in the bottom of one of my pajama legs.

Oh well, what the heck. It was still summertime, so I just wore shorts in the morning instead of pajamas. Fortunately, Gomez never tried to chew a hole in my ankle.

Gomez is still protective of Dylan. When we wrestle in the living room, Dylan can wail on me and use me as a human trampoline, and Gomez will scarcely notice. But, the moment he suspects I'm getting the least bit rough on Dylan, he's on me like a duck on a June bug, barking, growling, and pulling on a pants leg or a sleeve.

I'll tell ya, sometimes life just ain't fair.

Then again, there's little doubt in my mind that Gomez would give his life for Dylan. With that in mind, I suppose I can't complain too much about sacrificing the occasional article of clothing.


debby said...

It always amazes me how much spunk can be packed into the tiniest dog.

Redlefty said...

Napoleon syndrome all the way! :)

Mary Paddock said...

We have a min-dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier named Scrappy among our canines. He's twelve pounds of dynamite and rules the pack of much larger dogs with his teeth and intensity. They seem to acquiesce as much out of amusement as respect. Especially Oscar, the Bloodhound mix.

Typically Dachshunds and JRTs are terrible with children, but this little guy is a notable exception. And he is loyal to a fault.

Much like Gomez. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Gomez!! (really cute pic, btw)

We had a schnauzer at the time we brought our first child home. He ended up being a total nusiance with the kids as they started toddling around. Stealing food from them, nosing their diapers, etc. He died when our youngest was about two.

Our next dog, a rottweiler, ended up being the benchmark to whom all dogs should aspire! Angus LOVED his family and was very protective of the kids and me! We've since had two more rotties (only one is still with us and she's 8) and I think they're the greatest dogs around!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I meant to wish you a belated "Happy Birthday"!

~Kelly (I keep forgetting I have to sign my name here since I'm "anonymous"!)

jeanie said...

lol - our neighbour, while babysitting us, would spread out a rug in her back yard and put her white alsatian, Fammo, in charge. We were so very well looked after!!! Fammo would do anything to protect us.

Algernon said...

Interesting how they seem to understand "baby." Schroeder will never be much of a huggy, but he sniffs Gabriel from time to time and seems to have settled into his role as an observing guardian angel. He also finds all the wailing at diaper-change time a bit distasteful.