Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Nod

On my blog list you'll see Debby's Life's Funny Like That. I love her writing and her ability to relate the richness of everyday moments, as well as those not-so-everyday moments. I also enjoy her "dependability." She's probably the most frequent poster on my list.

She recently added a music feature to her blog that plays a personal playlist when her blog is loaded. I really enjoyed the selections she chose, so I added Playlist to my blog. I hope other folks on my blog list will add the feature, since I'm pretty danged nosy, and I want to see what music you put up.

Thanks for the idea, Debby.


Redlefty said...

I agree; Debby's great!

And I knew you'd have some Victor Wooten in the playlist, ha.

debby said...

Well, gosh, Hal (and Redlefty, too): Thanks! I enjoy your blogs as well.

debby said...

PS Hal, I like your music selections. Ashokan Farewell is a favorite.