Monday, October 13, 2008


I took Dylan to a birthday party yesterday afternoon. The party was for two twin boys he goes to school with, and it was held at a gymnastic facility. I ran into Uncle E there, so naturally, we talked about music, writing, and stuff, while we watched the kids play down below. We never mentioned the election.

Uncle E invited me to an upcoming poker get together with a bunch of his former coworkers. He got a little gleam in his eye when I mentioned that I haven't played "real" poker in about twenty years. I just knew that guy had an evil streak in him. It figures, y'know: Uncle E is half Canadian. Have you seen what those people do to each other on the hockey rink?

Uncle E and I have planned to meet for a beer at a real-live tavern, but when we've had a beer together, it's always been with the families along. That's sort of the best of both worlds, since we enjoy talking about stuff, we both get much smarter with a couple of beers, and that way, we don't have to be away from our families. I have to be away from my family because of my job, so I'm not much inclined to get away from them during my breaks, except when Dylan jumps in my lap and knees me in the nuts.

Debby will be going in for a PET scan tomorrow, to find out if she has any remaining cancerous tissue. If you're into praying, or even just sending good thoughts, please remember her.


Kelly said...

Good luck with the poker game!!

..and let us know how things turn out for Debby tomorrow.

Uncle E said...

I will keep Debby in my thoughts, knowing that everything will turn out just fine.
And I never learned to skate due to the fact that when my folks moved me to Canada my folks put me on a hocky team with a bunch of 4 year old Canadians who were already skating like pros and slamming me to the boards.
I was 9.
A humiliating experience I have never gotten over. Thanks for the reminder.

Debby said...

Gees, Hal, that was nice. Just got a call from the nice people there. I'm not going to know any results for a day or two. I imagine it will be the longest day or two of my life.

Pam said...

You're definitely in my prayers, Debby. You have been since Hal told us about your cancer.

Have fun with the poker game. One of you win enough to share the wealth! :)

Bob said...

Hal, at least be thankful that *at this point* the knee-nut thing is completely accidental. But he will be a teenager some day, you know...

And yes, the prayer mode has already been activated for Debby. I'm sure we're all sending as much positive energy as possible her way.

quid said...

Good thoughts going for Debby....uncle e, I can't skate, either. We'll play broomball the next time we're both in Canada.

Don't draw to a straight, Hal.


Uncle E said...

You're on quid!