Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dad Gets Stern

If you remember my post in May about our cat having five kittens, here's a little follow up.

I wrote, "Dad worries about whether he can convince Mom and Son to keep just one of the kittens."

There seemed to be a consensus from my dear blogging buddies in the comments: "Dad, you're screwed."

Well, sometimes a dad just has to put his foot down, however unpopular that might be for the rest of the family. Sometimes, a dad has to stand his ground for the greater good. Sometimes, a dad has to be tough, even in the face of tearful protest.

So, yep, when those kittens got old enough to leave the mama cat, I put my foot down.

We no longer have five kittens. Nope, now we only have four kittens. They sure want to eat a lot.

Okay, so apparently Rhonda and Dylan misunderstood my intentions: they thought I meant that we were only giving away one kitten, not keeping only one of 'em. But hey, sometimes, in the interest of family harmony, a dad has to show a little flexibility.

The one that got adopted lives close by, and Dylan has regular visitation rights.

Heh. Showed y'all, didn't I?


Algernon said...

Wow, you unloaded one of the cats. You must have raised your voice.

Sarah brought home some stray a couple of weeks ago. Her old cat, our eccentric friend Schroeder, ran away from home in September and Sarah thought she wanted a cat. She brought it in without asking me about it, and I expressed a number of concerns that were politely heard and quickly dismissed.

24 hours later I came home from school and Sarah said, "The cat is driving me crazy. It's going back." And somebody came around and took the cat.

She was actually very sweet, but oh well.

Redlefty said...

That's a bucketfull of cuteness and razor-sharp claws you've got there.

Debby said...

Man, you are, like, the voice of authority. Rhonda and Dylan obviously wait for his royal highness, the dad, to speak. Your wish is their command. You are awesome, Hal.


I'm just trying to make you feel some better.

Hal Johnson said...

Thanks, Debby. I was so dang touched by your comment that I had to wipe my eyes with my apron.

And I'm looking forward to hearing good news.

Uncle E said...

Your Dude credentials are in serious jeopardy here, Hal...

Hal Johnson said...

Uncle E, I'll have you know that I nearly always get the last word with my family.

But then, it's usually something like, "okay."

Kelly said...

Awwwww...... You're such a pushover, Hal!

Hey Alg, sorry to hear Schroeder is no longer with you. Think he got fed up with Gabriel?

Pam said...

Yes sir, you are definitely the model of authority.

Cute, cute kitties!

Afraid, however, that we're dog people around here. Our 4-pack can drive me crazy at times! They're all mouthy and eating and pooping machines! (2 Shelties, 1 Beagle and a very small miniature Dachshund who thinks HE'S the Alpha dog!)

Thank God for a fenced-in backyard and lots of good weather for when the pack gets rowdy!

DAVID said...

Ain't Democracy Grand?!

I'd ask something about pants but I don't want to "Cat-Pile" on ya!

Take Care,

Debby said...



Algernon has room for a cat (or two).

Just something I noticed.

Bob said...

Glad to know another dad out there who gets listened to about as much as I do.