Friday, October 17, 2008

Good News from Debby

From Debby's blog, Life's Funny Like That:

"We left the office with our good news: My cancer was moderately aggressive, stage II, had begun to affect the lymph ducts, but had not made it to the lymph nodes, which is why he removed a lot, a lot of tissue. He explained that if anything felt funny at all, he took it out, which explained how it came to be that he took 17 lymph nodes instead of the 'couple' he planned to. I don't care, really, I just want the cancer gone. I sure as heck was not going to be weeping over missing lymph nodes. But all of the lymph nodes biopsied 'clear'. The PET/CT scan showed no cancer anywhere else. I had cancer. They think they got it all. I will have chemo. I will have radiation. I will have estrogen suppression therapy, and the good doctor thinks that I have a very good chance that this will not recur. All good news."

Debby still has a battle ahead of her, but obviously the news could have been much worse. I'm really happy for Debby, her husband Tim, and the rest of her family. Also, since I'm a selfish bastard, I'm really glad to learn that she'll still be on this earth so I can read her writing. She seems to share her soul, that woman. Damn, I'm having a happy morning.


Bob said...

Indeed, a happy morning. I checked on Debby this morning after being out of touch a few days and was thrilled with the good news.

Kelly said...

So glad to hear the good news for Debby!!

Thanks for keeping us informed, Hal.

Pam said...

This is wonderful news about Debbie!!! I had her in my prayers! I will keep her there!

Debby said...

Yeah. Kind of made my morning too! I spent a day ironing and indulging my secret passion for Mr. Bean. Felt good to laugh! All I have to do is endure. I can do that! Thanks, Hal.

Roland said...


Uncle E said...

Debby, I am very happy things are turning out ok.
You're still in our thoughts. Thanks for the update, Hal.