Sunday, June 06, 2010

Marital Discourse from 1998

We'd just watched news about Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Me: "Sweetie, I'm curious about something."
Rhonda: "What's that?"
Me: "Well, if you were to learn that some woman gave me oral sex, would you be as upset as if I had full-on sexual intercourse with her?"
Rhonda: "Is there something I need to know?"
Me: "Not unless you want to count the neighbor's dog." That pooch was a crotch-hound if ever I met one.

She rolled her eyes. She thought for a moment.

Rhonda: "Well, I think I'd be upset if I learned that some woman was tooting your horn, but I don't think I'd be as upset as if you were boinking her."

My bride, bless her heart, has so much trouble expressing herself.

She looked at me. I betrayed a mischievous little smile, and raised my eyebrows.

Rhonda: "You shouldn't take my answer as ****ing permission."

Sheesh I laughed hard. I think I almost passed out.


Kelly said...

Okay.... you have me laughing, too!!

Geez, does that photo bring back memories....

Debby said...

I remember the time that I was discussing the situation via e-mail, and referred to the whole affair as 'over-blown'. Got a quick response: "Will form proper answer after I am able to stop rolling around on floor convulsed in laughter."

Yep. That was embarrassing.

quid said...

Way, too funny! As is Debby's comment!. I think Rhonda's proper use of the scientific term, "bonking" is entirely in context.

the word verification on this is "menspile". Go figure.