Monday, November 29, 2010

Steve Brewer: Nest is never quite empty

Steve Brewer posted this on his blog today. Geez, when I read it, I felt the need to go outside away from Dylan. As my friend Dave would say, "damn sinuses."

I was digging around in a file cabinet in my home office when I found a cowboy tucked into one corner of a drawer. He's quite the frontiersman, armed with a rifle, a pistol and a knife, and crouched in a kneeling position perfect for sniping.
Been a long time since our sons -- ages 21 and nearly 19 -- played with little plastic cowboys. Wonder how long that cowboy has been waiting in that drawer for someone to rescue him?
You can't tell it from my stellar cellphone photography, but the cowboy is pretty detailed, with windswept bandana, fringed shirt and the words, on his base, "Made in China."
I'm keeping him on my desk, a reminder that my sons are never as far away as they seem.


Kelly said...


Bob said...

Love this. It's important to keep a few reminders of simpler times.

Debby said...

No. The nest is never quite empty. We've got five bedrooms that contain things that are not ours. There's also quite a bit of crap in the basement...not ours either. There's a bunch of toys up in the attic. Not ours.

But still, sometimes I'll find some small reminder, and it makes me teary eyed.

La loi borloo surendettement said...

The very empty truth!!

quid said...

Wow. This really touched my heart.