Monday, November 08, 2010

What Goes Around

I mentioned in a Facebook exchange with fitness writer Lou Schuler that I'd stopped watching VH-1 several years ago, after watching a string of "Behind the Music" episodes. "Behind the Music" often had a "where are they now?" theme, but heck, I'd never heard of most of the acts in the first place. And that was several years ago.

In response, Lou wrote, "It's funny to see my kids get into music that was new a decade or two before they were born. One of their Kidz Bop CDs has a cover version of "Time Warp," from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They were absolutely shocked when I not only knew the words, but vaguely remembered the dance steps. I tried to explain that it was fun to go see it at midnight when I was in college, but I didn't get far. They refuse to believe any story that involves their dad being awake past 10 p.m."
In related news, Dylan is now referring to me as a "walking fashion crime." Geez.


Debby said...

I never was cool. I was 'the hilarious mother'. Certainly, there is an adjective that fits you. One that kids are allowed to say.

Uncle E said...

We took the kids to downtown Placerville for Halloween this year, and they had a DJ in the center of town playing all sorts of Halloween-y type songs, and one was the Time Warp. Kylie remarked that she's heard me play that song in the car many times (although my fave remains Tim Curry's "Sweet Transvestite". On the same life path, it seems.

Kelly said...

I LOVE Rocky Horror and saw it the first time at a midnight showing in Chicago. I have to admit, though... hearing one part of Time Warp loop over and over in WalMart right before Halloween nearly drove me insane!

quid said...

You're in good company Hal. My fashion sense is criminal. I will say that my music tastes have improved and I listen mostly to jazz these days. Your son would think me a wierdo.

Is that still a word they use?


Scotty said...

You're not on your lonesome there, Hal - I too can sing along too Time Warp and a few other songs (not well, mind you, but I can sing along...)